Desertmartin 1:10 2:03 Ballerin (Championship)

In very difficult conditions at Slaughtneil on Sunday the seniors lost to Desertmartin in the championship by 1-10 to 2-3. A fine goal by Callum Bradley left our team in a good position with a 1-2 to 0-4 lead. The situation was not helped by injuries to two of our top players Pascal McKay who had to retire midway through the first half and Eugene Mullan who struggled with a leg injury in the second half. The scorers were Paul Ferris 1-1, Callum Bradley 1-0 and Eugene Mullan 0-2.

This week end there is a qualifier game against Moneymore but the team face a very difficult task given the injury problems and midfielder Jarleth Mooney being out of bounds.

Ballerin 0:12 1:10 Slaughtmanus

In perfect conditions on Sunday the seniors were unlucky to go down to Slaughtmanus by a point in an exciting contest in front of good attendance. Slaughtmanus hit an early 1-3 despite to of their players having to go off after colliding with each other. Ballerin responded well and were just a goal in arrears at half time on the score of 1-5 to 0-5. Some fine scores from Eugene Mullan and good play by Callum Bradley and Shane Ferris saw the teams level 1-7 to 0-10 with eight minutes left. There were two points between the teams when Eugene Mullan bore down on the Slaughtmanus when he was pulled down with a quite dangerous neck high challenge. The goal chance was lost but Paul Ferris converted the free and time ran out. The final score was 1-10 to 0-12 but overall it was an encouraging display.

The team and scorers were Ronan Mullan, Shea Doherty, Stephen Mullan, Shane Ferris, Mark Ferris, Anton Bradley, Callum Bradley 0-1, Willie McGilligan, Jarleth Mooney, Pascal McKay, Bobby Mullan 0-1, Liam Brown 0-2, Paul Ferris 0-3, Eugene Mullan 0-5 Shaun Mullan . Subs Damien Cassidy, Leigh Ferris and Brian Deighan.